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Our Patented Approach to R & D

July 16, 2012

Here at Mid-West Screw Products, we have a lot of patents hanging on our wall. Some of them have the names of our clients on them, but there’s something else they share in common—they have our name on them as well as part of the design team.

The people who come to us are some of the most creative on the planet. They have ideas born from experience: a skateboarder proposing a removable fifth wheel on a skateboard to perform more tricks or to help beginners; a hydraulics professional looking to apply hydraulic liquid flow principles to fire extinguishers in yachts and ships. They know there’s a need for these things, they know they should exist, but they don’t know how to make them real.

And that’s exactly why they come to Mid-West Screw Products. We go above and beyond doing R & D work for our clients, all to bring their ideas to life. Turns out that removable skateboard wheel also had another great use: it’s now in service on traveling cases for musical instruments, allowing musicians to put the wheel on when they’re moving, and take it off so they can stack their amps on top when they reach their destination. And the fire extinguisher with the hydraulic flow principles? It can now be found in most yachts and ships over 100ft long.

These are just two of many examples, another being a unique holding method than can be used in machining around the world, and we’re working on more new designs as you read this. So come let us help you get your invention out of your head and into the world.

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